Lea Cares develops novel products in beauty, medical devices and industry utilizing its patented BioActive MineralⓇ  technology.

We develop innovative products in four business areas


Strengthening and growth of nails, skin and hair represents a major challenge for many people for various reasons through life. Lea Cares develops a full range of products with the aim to facilitate stronger nails, skin and hair via local release of natural bioactive minerals. The patented technology BioActive Mineral has proven effect  of increasing the bioavailability of silicon and calcium and promotes the collagen production.

Medical device

Lea Cares is investing in early development projects within the field of wound care. The objective is to create and commercialize novel products which facilitate rapid healing and less scar tissue.

Animal Care

Animals skin and fur have to put up with a lot, rashes from sun, water and heat as well as parasites like ticks and fleas. Our products are anti bacterial, healing and strengthening.

By adding calcium silicate to animal care products, a local supply of calcium and silicon can be obtained through the skin, fur and claw. 


Lea Cares is involved in development projects together with industrial partners, based on applied material science and the antiviral properties of our bioactive minerals.


About us

Years of world leading research in materials science at Uppsala university, entrepreneurs and creators with the same vision to improve health and well- being by combining the latest research with innovative solutions and adapting products to market needs.

Our vision is to contribute to healthier people, happier animals and a sounder planet.

Our mission is to improve health and well-being by combining the latest research with innovative solutions and

approved substances by adapting products for unmet medical and market needs.

Our business idea is to combine research in materials science and innovative technology with well-proven formulations, give rise to completely new, revolutionary products in health, beauty, well-being and care - for both humans and animals.

Silicon (Si)

Silicon (Si) is the second most common element in the earth's crust after oxygen. In nature, silicon is always present in compounds, either with oxygen under the name silica, or with water under the name silicic acid. Silicon helps to strengthen the connective tissue and the skeleton as it is one of the constituents of collagen and elastin, two important proteins in the body.


About 75% of the skin consists of collagen. The process of producing collagen in the skin consumes vitamin C and decreases with age. Collagen is essential for the  skin's structure and elasticity. 

It is suggested that silicon is important for optimal synthesis of collagen and for activating the hydroxylation enzymes, improving skin strength and elasticity.

BioActive Mineral

For several years, Lea Cares' research team has studied the health effects of silicon and produced a formulation, BAM, which has a strengthening effect on hair, skin and nails. It is a renewable mineral source with local release of silicon and collagen anti-aging effect, prevents hair loss, antipathogenic effects, and healing effects on wounds.